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Born in the great city of Maastricht, famous for its beauty and character, the "Treaty of Maastricht", the language "ut Mestreechs" and, of course, the yearly Carnival and "vastelaovend vereiniging de Tempeleers", but living in Amsterdam since long.

Both are actually great cities of the Netherlands, or Holland, its more familiar but incorrect name.

Formerly working at the European Space Research and Technology Centre, ESTEC in Noordwijk. ESTEC is the largest centre of the European Space Agency ESA. You will also find the Space Expo in Noordwijk.

Interests and hobbies are but a few, but nevertheless can take quite some time. I keep track of a couple of indexes to periodicals in these domains. They include:

In September 2004, I have reworked the way I maintained these indexes. They are now all under grok (many thanks to Thomas Driemeyer), and they are now all in the same basic format (you may notice that they look slightly different). Howbeit, it is now quite easy to generate CSV files (comma separated value files) from the GROK file and you can download them for use in a spreadsheet from the download area. (Use shift-button_1 click on the file name to download, rather then to see the files.) Although the website lists use proper html code for accented characters, such as 'à' for 'à', the CSV files are made with an extended ascii character set latin-1; this may not be your native setting. In future I may change this into UTF-8 code.

Mail can be sent to my email address: char.

*) for the non-natives: "we do not trust voting computers"

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